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Coolant Maintenance Products
Chiperator"! New!
Standard Features:
Plastic Disk Skimmer New!
Chip Grabber
Chip Grabber"!
Standard Features:
Mighty Disk Oil Skimmer
Mighty Disk"! Oil Skimmer
Standard Features:
Chip and Coolant Separation System. The air driven Chipera-
tor vacuums and filters old cutting fluids loaded with chips from
machine sumps, tanks and parts washers. When the optional Lil'
Blue"! skimmer is purchased, the coolant will also be cleansed of
tramp oils. 
Save money by making old coolant useable again. The Chiper-
ator is an  inexpensive way to clean dirty machine sumps.  The
air driven  Chiperator  quickly separates  chips and  swarf  from
liquids.  It drains  or refills its  55 gallon drum  in less than  2 min-
utes!  Simply suck up coolant laden with chips,  swarf and muck,
and the  Chiperator  strains the unwanted solids.  The Chiper-
ator then pumps the strained coolant back to the sump.
The inexpensive way to remove unwanted tramp oils from
coolants and parts washers, but with all the quality that you
expect from our skimmers
Durable engineered polymer housing won't corrode 
Capped troughs prevent oil drips 
Boomerang blades wipe more oil off disk
Shaft is sealed to prevent premature motor wear from oil 
Disk type oil skimmer with 1/2" x 12" disk and 110v fan cooled
gear motor. Disk skimmer is constructed entirely of plastic and
features plastic motor housing and frame.
This Chip Grabber removes chips and skims oil from coolant tanks
and machine tool reservoirs. The unique design allows it to pick up
steel chips, turnings and grindings from the bottom of the coolant
reservoir as well as floating tramp oils from the surface. The spec-
ial magnetic tube snakes along the bottom of the reservoir attracting
the chips and swarf. As the tube returns to the Chip Grabber, float-
ing oil is attracted and picked up as well. The result: chip free and
oil free coolant. This unit can be easily mounted on the side of vir-
tually any machining center coolant sump. By use of an existing
opening or by making a small access cutout, the collector tube runs
through the surface of the coolant and
collects the unwanted steel chips and tramp oils. The chips are
dropped into a slide-out tray, and the oil flows out of the discharge
tube into any waste oil container. View an application photo of the
Chip Grabber.
The inexpensive way to remove unwanted tramp oils from coolants
and parts washers, but with all the quality that you would expect.  
Removes up to 1 ½ gallons of oil or more of medium weight oil per
hour. Compact. Use it almost anywhere a flat surface is available
for mounting. Portable. Weighs less than 10 pounds, installs in no
time, and runs on 110v power. Complete. Put it to work right out
of the box, or add the optional coolant saving decanter for a more
efficient skimming system.
Available in 12" and 18" diameters 
110v fan-cooled motor 
High temperature disk material
Quality construction
Optional Features:
Mighty Mini SST
Mighty Mini® SST Oil Skimmer
TubeTastic Oil Skimmer
TubeTastic!"! Oil Skimmer
EconoMixer"! New!
SS construction with integrate 24 hour timer
The ideal solution to remove unwanted oil in coolants & parts wash-
ers! Effective. Removes one (1" wide belt) or two (2" wide belt) gal-
lons or more of medium weight oil per hour. Compact. Use it almost
anywhere...even through a 2"  dia.  bunghole  in a drum.  Portable.
Use it here today, there tomorrow. Weighs only 7 pounds, installs in
seconds and runs on 110v. power. 220v motor available. Complete.
Put it to work right out of the box, or add the option, easy-to-install
decanter and brackets for an even more efficient system. Durable.
Includes long life fan-cooled motor, sturdy 304 stainless steel con-
struction with integrated 24 hour timer. Every skimmer is backed as
well as it's built. We do it right or you don't pay!
The TubeTastic! oil skimmer can be used on machining centers with
little  or no access  to the coolant sump from above.  This  unit  can
skim oil from chip conveyors or even totally enclosed machining
Fan-cooled continuous duty motor 
Oil pickup rate of up to 1 1/2 g.p.h. 
Works in places where other skimmers can't
Standard tube lengths in reach: 6", 12", 18" and 24". Longer 
     lengths available
Coolescer Coolant Refresher
Coolescer"! Coolant Refresher
Coolant Mints
Coolant Mints"!
Abanaki Aerators
Put an end to that nasty rotten egg smell.
Leak proof fittings 
Crush resistant hose 
One year warranty 
Self contained system 
Coalescing cartridge never needs to be replaced
The  Coolescer  is a  must for any  machine shop dealing with  ma-
chine tool coolant. This unit will extend coolant life, reduce disposal
costs,  eliminate down time,  improve tool life and help  prevent der-
EconoMixer 100 Coolant Proportioning Mixer and Dispenser drum
or wall mounted proportioners automatically mix liquid coolant con-
centrates  with  water and  dispense the diluted  solution into  any
sump or container.  The EconoMixer  200 is  designed for speed,
accuracy, and cost savings.  Simply insert the unit into a 15 or 55
gallon drum of coolant concentrate and connect a water line to the
Increased productivity of employees 
Efficient use of space 
Enhanced safety 
Maximized cleaning product performance
More conscientious response to environmental concerns.
FLORIDA WATER BLAST, INC.  Clearwater Florida Ph. 1-727-789-5786

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